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A grand haiku pro.

Drop asks in my box
for a haiku of your own
You won't regret it.

Rather it wisdom
or conversation you seek
I will answer all

(An Independent
sokka role play blog that is
all about haiku)
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makorraena Asked:
platypus bears

Those things aren’t pretty

With their constant cabbage need

I prefer Bosco.


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I’m back in action

Followers send me topics

And I’ll write for you.

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How I Like My Fish

Fish is delicious

Even straight from the ocean

But I like mine seared.

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How I Got Boomerang

Boomerang’s a gift

Passed down from Father to Son

Tradition’s strong here.

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Finding a Hotel

A big house of beds

It’s never more than that friend

Nothing beats fur beds.

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Waiting for Korra Season 2:

The new avatar

Has quite a bit of style

I can’t wait for more.


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Normally they’re great

But Won Shi Tong ruined them

I hate that dumb owl.

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Lin’s an awesome girl

She’s strong just like her mother

She punches hard too.

Zuko’s daughter’s great

She’s not as big of a jerk

As her dad once was.

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Happy Birthday Toph

For your gift, I got you me

Nothing is better.

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An interesting sport

Though Amon might disagree

I could take them all.